Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What can I do with Legal Forms Kit?
Create, fill and archive high-quality, personalized business forms. Incorporate personalized logos and address information. Customize all of the text and headers on the form to match your business. Never worry about misplacing important business documents. Utilize reporting tools to analyze your business. Deliver documents the way you want.

Q. What happens to information that I provide to
A. does not disclose your personal information to anyone. For more information on our  privacy policy, please read our Privacy Statement.

Q. How often are the legal forms updated?
A. These forms are reviewed for updating purposes on an monthly basis, within a few months after the expiration of the term of the most recent legislative session in the relevant state. Not all forms require updating on an monthly basis. Almost every form on this web site (or similar variations) have been successfully used for many years so that we believe that the forms are valid. Although we try to keep these forms as current and accurate as possible, we cannot guarantee the validity of any particular form because case law decisions issued by the courts in any given state can affect the legality of any provisions in any form at any time.

Q. Will these forms work in any particular state?
Yes. The forms are designed to be valid in all 50 states.

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