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Acceptance Letters & Legal Documents

Acceptance of business invitation
Acceptance of delayed delivery of ordered goods
of delayed payment schedule
Acceptance of forthcoming payment schedule
Acceptance of
personal invitation
Acceptance of quotation
Acceptance of quotation with certain conditions
Acceptance of request for discount
Waiver of service and acceptance of the complaint-petition

Acknowledgement Letters & Legal Documents

Acknowledgement of complaint
Acknowledgment of delivery of goods
Acknowledgment of invoice
Acknowledgment of job application
Acknowledgment of letter
Acknowledgment of letter subject pending
Acknowledgment of order being dealt with

Acknowledgment of order not being dealt with
Acknowledgment of payment of invoice
Acknowledgment of payment of invoice with attachment of receipt
Acknowledgment of payment
of invoice reinstating credit.

Apology Letters & Legal Documents

Apology for accounts error
Apology for check that has bounced with replacement enclosed
Apology for faulty goods - with solution suggested
Apology for general matter
Apology for late delivery of goods
Apology for late payment of invoice
Apology for missed meeting
Apology for ordered goods no longer available
Apology for payment that has bounced with request to
Apology for postponing meeting
Apology for short notice postponement of meeting
Apology for conduct of an employee
Apology for delivery of damaged goods along with acceptance of suggestion given proposed solution
Apology for unavailable goods similar product available
Apology for unavailable goods similar product available
Apology Letter for cancellation of meeting
Apology for unavailable goods Temporally out of stock.

Cancellation Letters & Legal Documents

Cancellation of business event
Cancellation of meeting
Cancellation of order for internal reasons
Cancellation of personal event
To cancel an order - for reasons beyond your control
To rearrange
a canceled meeting


Complaint Letter & Legal Documents

Complaint about faulty goods
Complaint about a general matter
Complaint about delivery of damaged goods
Complaint about media feature
Complaint concerning an error in your account
Complaint Against Pregnancy Discrimination
Complaint Against Unlawful Job Advertisement
Complaint Against Unlawful Testing at the Time of Hiring
Complaint to Protest Illegal Interview Question(s)
Complaint Filing Claim Against Discriminatory Pay
Complaint Against a Lie Detector Test
Complaint Against Age Discrimination
Complaint Against Sex or Race Harassment
Complaint Protesting Discrimination Because of National Origin
Complaint Protesting Employer's Retaliation

Compliment Letters & Legal Documents

Compliment about employee of another firm
Compliment about long term use of products
Compliment about products
Compliment about service
Compliment to colleague

Condolence Letters & Legal Documents

Condolences on business closure
Condolences on death of a colleague
Condolences on hospitalization
Condolences on illness
Condolences on redundancy

Confirmation Letters & Legal Documents

Confirmation of action taken
Confirmation of agreement
Confirmation of an increase in credit limit
Confirmation of details of an important discussion
Confirmation of dispatch of goods
To confirm a meeting arrangement
To confirm the progress of work done
To confirm when you
have made a requested payment
Confirmation of dispatch of goods

Congratulation Letters & Legal Documents

Congratulations for a special event
Congratulations For Business event
Congratulations For personal event
Congratulations on a business acquaintance getting promotion
Congratulations on a colleague getting promotion
Congratulations on examination success 
Congratulations on Formation of New Company
Congratulations on Expansion
Congratulations on your retirement
To congratulate a
colleague on award

Employee Letters & Legal Documents

Acceptance of Resignation
Apology for the conduct of an employee
Company Use of confidentiality agreements and protections of Conf. Information.
Discreet Letter of Resignation
Employee Acknowledgement Proprietary Rights
Employee Acknowledge Of Proprietary Rights Upon Termination
Employee Authorship Certificate
Employee Computer and Internet Use Policies
Employee Email Policies
Employee Inventions Clause
Employee Restrictive Covenants
Employment Agreement - At Will Employee
Employment Agreement - Top Management
Protest Against Blacklisting
Protest Against Continued Employment of an Illegal Alien
Protest Against Negligent Hiring
Protesting Age Discrimination at the Time of Possible Promotion
Protesting Demotion After Returning from Family and Medical Leave 
Protesting Retaliation Discrimination
Letter of Resignation
Negative Response to Job Application
No Openings, Negative Response to Job Candidate Interview
Notice of Promotion
Policy Letter on Vehicle Expense Reimbursement
Refusal of Request for Letter of Recommendation
Request for Character Reference
Request for Employment Reference
of Confidentiality

Enclosure Letters & Legal Documents

Catalogue and price list enclosed
Enclosure of a draft version and contract
Enclosure of information requested
Enclosure of the final version of a contract
Invoice enclosed
Payment enclosed
Promotional material enclosed for distributors of your products

Inquiry Letters & Legal Documents Inquiry about events that may be happening in your business area
Lost custom inquiry
Products inquiry
Service inquiry

Introduction Letters & Legal Documents

Introduction of colleague
Introduction of products
Introduction of services
Request for introduction

Invitation Letter & Legal Documents

Invitation to business event
Invitation to job interview
Invitation to personal event

Marketing and Sales Letters

Advance Notice of Out of Business Sale
Announcement of Change of Address for Billing
Announcement of New Area Representative
Announcement of New Area Representative Visit
Announcement of New Business Opening
Announcement of Special Discount Offer
Congratulations on Expansion
Congratulations on Formation of New Company
Cover Letter Product Literature in Response to Phone Inquiry
Invitation to Demo New Product Line
New Business Announcement for Use with Credit Application
New Customer Welcome
New Salesman Follow-Up Letter After First Meeting
Preferred Customer Sale Announcement

Welcome Discount for New Enterprise
Welcome to Our Family of Customers and Friends

Notice Letters

Notice of account to be closed
Notice of accountant's right to view 
Notification of Breach of Contract
Notice of change in employment terms
Notice Of Hearing 
Notice of Promotion
Notice of redirection of letter for ex-employee
Notice of right to sign checks
Notice of suspended account
Notice To Tenant of Rent Default
Overdue Rent Notice
Virus Notice

Offer Letters

Offer of bank and trade references requested
Offer of employment
Offer of services

Promotion Letters

Accountant-Promotional Letter
Advertising Art, Promotional Letter
Air Conditioning Service Letter
Air Freight Thank You Letter to Customer
Antique Shop Visitors Follow up Letter
Appliance Store Introducing your business
Bank Letter with Details of Bank and trade References
Bicycle Shop Letter to Customer
Boat Shop Letter to Customer
 Shop Letter to Potential Customer
Direct Mail Promotional Letter
Spa Promotional Letter
Interior Design Promotional Letter

Reference Letters

Provide a non-favorable reference for an employee
To provide a favorable reference for a customer
To provide a favorable reference for an employee
To provide an unfavorable
reference about a customer

Rejection Letters

Rejection of credit facilities request
Rejection of quotation
Rejection of request for discount
Rejection of request for increase in credit
Rejection of request for meeting
To reject a complaint about goods damaged
To reject complaint that goods are faulty
To reject a general complaint
To reject a job applicant
To reject a job candidate
To reject a job inquiry
To reject a job offer
To reject an invitation to a business event
To reject complaint that goods are faulty
To reject invitation to a personal event
To reject late delivery of goods

Reminder Letters

First reminder about unpaid invoice
Reminder about broken promise
Reminder order has not been received
Reminder about late payment
Reminder about unanswered letter
Reminder about unpaid installment
Second reminder about unpaid invoice
Third reminder about
unpaid invoice

Request Letters

A request to delay payment
Request for discount on quantity
Request for donation
Request for reference for a trade supplier
Request for Bank and Trade references for credit approval
Requesting a Reference Letter from your employer
Requesting Posters of FMLA at Workplace
Request to complete a questionnaire
Request to pay delayed payment by installments
Request to reduce account balance
Request to use quote from media review
To request a cash discount
To request a copy of a check
To request a favor
To request a meeting
To request a progress report
To request a reference for an employee
To request a telephone conversation
To request credit facilities
To request recommendations to our company

Termination Letters

Immediate termination of employment
Termination of employment-redundancy
Termination of employment-with notice
Termination of general agreement

Thank You Letters

For Award
For business event
For congratulations
For donation
For favor
For introduction
For media review
For present

Warning Letters

First warning about dismissal
Second warning about dismissal
Warning about legal action

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